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18.01.2013 at 18:30

Q: Serial Number is not entiteled

If I enter my serial number in Magellan OSM campaign page, I always get the response "Your serial number is not entitled to participate".


please contact me per e-mail providing your serial number. I will check with Magellan.


30.01.2013 at 10:11

Q: I did not receive my log-in e-mail

I payed with Paypal, but did not receive any e-mail with my log-in information!


Step 1: Please check your spam folder. This mail is sometimes treated as spam.

Step 2: You e-mail provider my have blocked this e-mail. Go to the maps4me log-in page and use the "fogot password" link. Enter your PayPal e-mail address there.

Step 3: If all above fails, notify me per email (see Contact) and I will resend you log in information from another account.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

Q: My password no longer works

my password no longer works to log in. I cannot download anything


Step 1: Use the "forgot password function" (Link over the log in input) to reset your password.
Step 2: If your e-mail address is not accepted, your account was deactivated and you will need to register again.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

Q: I dont have enough space on my eXplorist GC.

Is there a tool to modify the imi maps to just get certain parts of the USA North map? I just need the NorthEast ... or New York, or just a few of the regions in the green rectangles. It looks like I can do it with your RMP tool, and use the raster versions, but it would be great to use the Vector maps.


The only way is currntly to exchange your basmap with a smaller one as it consumes ~1GB of space on your unit. Ensure to back it up prior to exchanging it.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

I received a charge from Paypal of $13.90 from you.

I did not authorize this charge.

Please correct this.


You have signed up for a 2-year subscrition via PayPal. You could have cancelled this anytime in your PayPal account. The payment you argue is the fee for the second year, which was automatically triggered by your PayPal account. After this second payment the subscription has automatically ended.
As many people seem to forget that they have signed up for a two-year subscription, I decided that this option will no longer be available as a payment method. Now there are only the options for a one time payment or a unlimited subscription which is renewed anually until it is cancelled. I hope this will reduce the misunderstandigs.
Please contact me via e-mail with your subscription ID and I will close your account and refund the second payment.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

Q: Do you still provide individual State Maps for South United States?

I dont have a big enough SD card to contain the entire 1.2 GB Southern US imi file....


Currently I do not have single State maps of the US, but I am planning to re-design the 2013 edition and split it up in smaller areas to support the 110, 310 and GC units directly, targeting am map size of 200-300 MB per map.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

"Windows can not open this file"

when trying to un zip maps I get a windows message "Windows can not open this file" Windows needs to know what program created it.

Can you advise what I need to do ?


Presumaby something went wrong with the download. Please download the file again.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

"eXplorist XL, eXplorist 500, 600...

We find your webpage VERY helpful BUT we have one big problem, i.e., our Magellan Explorist XL(version 1.55) seems to behave as if it is not compatible with the map over Canary Island and Madeira that we have downloaded via your homepage. The [form]at of the detail map is .imi and the [background]map is .mgi. When we have transferred those maps to the SD card in the Explorist unit it states that the maps are wrong. Can you give us an advice?! THANK you in advance for at least answering


The maps on the maps4me do not support the old eXplorist units. These units simply do not have enough cpu power do display these maps. What you can do, is to formally make them compatible by converting the format with the following utility: http://msh-tools.com/Programs/MMOconverter.zip. But please be aware that these maps will be very slow in display.


19.03.2013 at 00:52
I tried to download the huge Canada.zip file but the download would not start - I get an error message from my browser (Opera - latest version). I can download other files without problem. Any idea what the problem might be? Can you divide up Canada into sections as you do for the US?

Thanks. I really appreciated your Germany map last fall on a bike trip around the BodenSee.


15.04.2013 at 01:19
hello I have a 510 and I have donated and downloaded your Australian TOPO map and it works great thank you very much !! I have also installed eXmod and iGo which is all working great I just need the PORT and BAUD RATE settings thanks in advance keep up the great work :)


15.04.2013 at 01:48
^^^ all good I have worked out that this is PORT - COM2 and BAUD RATE - 57600 ^^^
thank you :)


01.01.1970 at 01:00

are your maps compatible with my magellan meridian platinum?

That would be worth MORE than your sub[script]ion price!!!!


The amount of detail in my maps will not allow the display on older units. Please see the compatibality section below each map to find out if it will work for your device.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

I´ve just bought a Magellan explorist xl

...with a pre-installed [base] map. Is there any way to get a more detailed map installed in this device?
The maps "Scandinavia" does not work and I reed that there was a program to convert maps to fit my gps. But it will be very slow...
I have searched on internet and been to different stores in Stockholm and Magellan is not a easy thing to find maps to.



Sorry the maps will not work on the old eXplorist series. Pleasen check for compatibility on the map pages


06.08.2013 at 22:20
Hello, I have magellan x11-15302, will I be able to use your maps with this device. If yes, then would you be so kind and direct me to a tutorial showing me how to do that. Thanks.


01.01.1970 at 01:00

Are the maps routable?

Hello, I have the Magellan eXplorist 610, do you have the map series city Europe in your web?



Unfortunately not. The Magellan license to produce routable maps is far to expensive to supply routable maps for this pricing.


31.08.2013 at 02:31
Hi there. Do you know where I can obtain the detail map files of Australia for my Magellan Explorist 600? Unfortunately, I lost ALL the detail map files when attempting to use an interface between the GPS unit and my laptop! I still have the [base] map file/s and the unit still operates OK. Any advice tips would be GREATLY appreciated as Magellan have been less than helpful! I wanted to establish if its possible to replace the missing detail maps BEFORE I registered to download on your site. Thank you in advance for your help. =)


07.10.2013 at 04:59
not understanding this download process when I click on a map to download it, the file I get is an INDEX file ????? not azip file


07.10.2013 at 14:54
I have lost the SC card that was supplied (apparently) with my Explorist 710. I now dont have any OS maps for the Magellan. I dont understand what you are selling. If I download the UK and I[rel]ands Maps, are these the OS maps please that show bridlepaths and footpaths?


25.12.2013 at 23:13
Do you maps work on a Magellan RoadMate system?

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