Exchange the Basemap

Exchange the Basemap

Here is a short "how-to" exchange the basemaps. You will find suitable basemaps here: maps4me basemaps.

1. Connect your eXplorist to your PC via USB connection
2. Now you should have access to the eX file system. Your basemap is located in the folder MAP


3. Move your original basemap (WWNA_BM.mgi) to your PC. (also a copy on CD-R is always advisable)
4. Copy the alternative basemap (e.g. BMEU.MGI) to the MAP folder
5. Edit the file touch.mdc located in the MAP folder with e.g. Notepad
Original content:

6. Insert the name of the new basemap and save it
New content:

7. Done. Reboot your eX and you have a good looking, performant basemap and plenty of space for additional maps.:


Notes for eXplorist 110

Detail maps need to be manually entered to the file Touch.mdc on the eXplorist 110.
As the eXplorist 110 does not have an option in the interface to select a detail map, you will need to manually edit the file Touch.mdc and enter the file name of the map you want to have displayed. Edit the section [IMAGE] and add the respective file name of the map:
For example the map of Germany (filename: TOSMDS_0612.imi) + small Europe Basemap (filename: EUBM.mgi)
[BASE] 0=EUBM.mgi [PC] [IMAGE] 0=TOSMDS_0612.imi
Please also take notice of the application which automatically does this for you:
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