Map Fix eXplorist 110

Install detail and base maps on your eXplorist 110

As the eXplorist was not intended to be used with other maps than the per-installed one, but is very well capable of doing so, I developped an App to install alternative base maps and detail maps on the device.


In order to do so, you will need to free storage space on your eXplorist 110, by removing the original base map from your device. Please ensure you backed it up properly on your PC. Then exchange it with the smaller Maps4me basemap for your region. This will give you around 900mb of additional space for any detail map you may want to use.


1. Run the app on your Windows PC. It will start scanning for an attached eXplorist



2. Connect your eXplorist to your PC via USB cable, if you haven't done so already and chose the "Connect to PC" mode. Once the eXplorist is connected, the app will list all maps located in the /MAP/ folder of your eXplorist. Now copy any new maps to the /MAP/ folder or remove unwanted ones. (With the standard Windows Explorer) Supported formats are: detailmaps (*.IMI), basemaps (*.MGI), overlays (*.LGT, *.POI) and rastermaps (*.RMP)




Please take notice:
The app only Registers ONE basmap. Any additional basemaps in the /MAP/ folder will be ignored.


3. Once your done and have all wanted maps in your /MAP/ folder, cklick "fix maps" and the app will register them properly.



4. Done! Just reboot your eXplorist and enjoy the details of the new maps.



No guarantee or warranty
This app works fine on my GPS Units I tested it with. But I cannot guratee it will work on your device. Uses this app on your own risk.
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