RMP Tool

RMP Tools for raster image maps

as you all know, Triton RMP created maps and Canada Magic Maps (raster) do not work on the new eXplorist series, as they do not supply a compatible format.
I therefore developed a little application "RMP Tools" which can fix this issue and additionally supports the grouping function of the eXplorist and VP.
The tool is simple to use:
You have two items you can edit:
Provider (Supplier):
You can enter a provider of the map(s), e.g. Willi Weizenkeim, Maps4me, Magic Maps or whatever you like. In my example I used "Magic Maps".
Map Group (Product group):
Here you can enter a product group for your maps. In my example, I called this group "Canada BC Area 92".
With a click on the Button "Fix RMP maps" you now can select *.RMP raster maps for conversion. Regardless if you only select one or 500 at a time.

Now the maps will be converted and fixed. The original maps are backed up.

After conversion the maps will be shown grouped by provider and product group in VP and on the Explorist. Here is the display of the converted maps in VP:

This is how it looks like on the eXplorist 610:
Maps can now be activated / deactivated in groups with one click.
Please take notice: This tool requires Microsoft .Net 3.5 and only runs on Windows systems.
Angetrieben durch Redaxscript 1.2  •  Gestaltung und Umsetzung von Jörg Steinhauer & Henry Ruhs